We only have one Earth to run on.

Since our founding in 1949, our purpose has been to help people achieve a sound mind in a sound body.
But in order to achieve a sound mind, we need a sound earth to run on. So, we are taking climate action —
reducing CO2 emissions, embracing recycled materials and using less resources, to continue bringing the
benefits of movement to the world we love to run in.

We are all learning, all the time

Our Sustainable Styles

ASICS takes a circular business approach to address climate change, with goals to use less materials, make products that last longer in a cleaner way and reuse and recycle more.

Planting the seeds for a brighter tomorrow.

The ASICS sunflower icon represents our commitment to preserving the Earth for future generations, growing healthier and more positive in both mind and body. Look for it to find information related to our sustainability initiatives as well as on products that are part of our sustainability pledge.

Recycled Polyester from Textile Waste

Less than 1% (estimated) of material used to make all clothing is recycled into new clothing. We aim to change that.

Products like GEL-LYTE III OG in our Earth Day Pack use recycled textile polyester.

Bio-Based Materials

Cellulose Nano Fiber is entirely derived from plants and is stronger than steel. We’ve used it in the soles of over 8.7 million pairs of shoes.

The FUJI LITE 2 is one of our shoes utilizing bio-based materials.

Solution Dyeing

We expect this sustainable dyeing process to help us reduce carbon emissions from our dyeing by 45% and water use by 1/3.

The popular GEL-KAYANO 28 is made using solution dyeing.

*These images are artistic interpretations of recycled or sustainable materials. They may not be actual representations of the specific ASICS product or material used.

Targets for improvement.

2030: 63% CO2 reduction across direct operations and supply chain vs. 2015
2030: 100% renewable energy across business facilities
2030: 100% recycled polyester commitment
2050: Net-zero carbon emissions

*Our symbolic sustainable products have the sunflower icon on shoe socklinings or apparel hang tags.
*Shoes with the icon contain (1) reused or leftover materials, or recycled materials from textile waste in part in the shoe’s upper, or (2) at least 20% recycled material in the shoe’s main upper material.
*Apparel with the icon contains (1) leftover material in part or (2) at least 50% recycled materials from textile waste in the garment’s main material