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What is a carbon footprint?

We care about our emissions

We measure the carbon emissions at each stage of a product’s life cycle. Below, we’ve explained the carbon footprint of our GEL-NIMBUS 26 shoe, one of ASICS' pinnacle running shoes.


Processes to get finished materials include:

- Raw material extraction
- Yarn formation
- Textile formation
- Dyeing
- Finishing

Materials-related carbon emissions for the GEL-NIMBUS 26 shoe total 5.2kg CO2e/pair.


Processes for product manufacturing include:

- Cutting
- Sewing
- Gluing
- Embroidering
- Assembling

Manufacturing-related carbon
emissions for the GEL-NIMBUS 26 shoe total 3.9kg CO2e/pair.


Processes for transporting materials during all stages of the product's life cycle include:

- Acquiring materials from suppliers
- Sending products from factories to retail stores
- Returns
- Transporting waste to disposal facilities

Transportation-related carbon
emissions for the GEL-NIMBUS 26 shoe total 0.5kg CO2e/pair.


Process-related carbon emissions for the GEL-NIMBUS 26 shoe total 0.1kg CO2e/pair.

In partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we’ve based our use emissions on the ASICS shoe care guidelines.

End of Life

Processes for disposal include:

- Disposal of used shoes
- Recycling of shoe packaging materials
- Disposal of materials used during manufacturing

Disposal-related carbon emissions for
the GEL-NIMBUS 26 shoe total 1.1kg CO2e/pair*.

* Since ASICS’ products are sold globally, we use industrial or global representative scenarios to calculate
disposal-related carbon emissions.


10.8kg CO2e

Total CO2e emissions per pair of the GEL-NIMBUS 26 shoe.


The GEL-NIMBUS 26 shoe’s carbon footprint is approximately 25% lower than the industry average.*

*Assessed using ASICS’ carbon footprint methodology version1.1 and the most comprehensive reporting available for industry average running shoes, conducted by MIT (report).

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