Trabuco Max 2
Trabuco Max 2
Trabuco Max 2
Trabuco Max 2
Trabuco Max 2
Trabuco Max 2
Trabuco Max 2

Trabuco Max 2

Men's Footwear
Style #: 1011B606-0037H
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Product Details

The TRABUCO MAX 2 shoe draws inspiration from the concept of technology and how it can be synchronized with nature to free the mind and body.

It continues to provide advanced energy savings and cushioning properties to help you navigate the trails with less effort.

​FF BLAST PLUS technology has been added to the midsole to create effortless impact absorption while propelling your momentum forward.

This material also creates a more dynamic feel that helps keep the shoe lightweight.

​GUIDESOLE technology is strategically positioned to create an easy forward roll.

Additionally, it's scientifically proven to help increase your potential to run further while using less energy.


Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body and refers to the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing. Understanding your pronation type can help you find a comfortable running shoe. The Trabuco Max 2 is made for Neutral and Underpronation.
  • Underpronation
  • Neutral
  • Overpronation


  • Foot type

    High arches
  • Push Off

    The pressure is on smaller toes on outside of foot.
  • How your foot contacts the ground

    The outer side of the heel hits the ground at an increased angle with little or no normal pronation, causing a large transmission of shock through the lower leg.


  • Foot type

    Normal size arches
  • Push Off

    There is even distribution from the front of the foot.
  • How your foot contacts the ground

    The foot lands on outside of the heel, then rolls inward (pronates) to absorb shock and support body weight.

Product Features

The curved sole design and stiff forefoot of our GUIDESOLE technology reduce ankle flexion and provide a shock-absorbent landing zone to lessen fatigue of other leg muscles and increase runner efficiency.

Creates a softer landing and a more responsive toe-off

ASICS proprietary outsole rubber provides high grip on various terrain, without compromising durability.

This lasting material features plush underfoot comfort while providing excellent moisture management and a high level of breathability. (Ortholite is a registered trademark of ATP Manufacturing LLC)

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